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If you have a stonework project in mind but are unsure of how to proceed, give McDonald Blockdrive a call and we’ll discuss it with you.


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Are you planning on transforming your garden with a new pavement? Would a stone driveway set your property off? Have you got a stonework idea you need help with?


McDonald Blockdrive offers a number of high quality options when it comes to stonework.


From touching up external stonework on your house to creating garden features, including gate supports, we can help you with what you’re looking for.

For more than 40 years we’ve been fitting driveways and patios. As a result we have  to come to specialise in stonework.


Whatever you’ve got in mind, we have the skilled craftsmen to deliver a first class solution. From the simplest of stone ornaments to complex walls and paths, we’re more than happy to help. Here’s some of what we can do:


  • Stone pavements & driveways

  • Stone flooring

  • Stonework restoration

  • External stonework

  • Landscaping features


Whether you’re planning a small task or a job that’s a little more extensive, get in touch and we’ll discuss your ideas as well as our own.

In addition to specialising in stonework and masonry, we can also help you with a variety of other services, including brickwork, patios and driveways.


Each of our services is available for homes and business premises throughout Newcastle and the nearby region, including Ashington and Morpeth.


If you want to find out more about our stonework service or anything else we specialise in, contact us.

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